Zell Mars Metal Dnd Dice Set


Color: Tiffany Lane

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World's first Mars themed dice, inspired by the Mars immigration base.


  • 7set dice have a unique name. Their shape is very individual. The play is also very personalized - you can scroll it or rotate it - D6 D20 D100 are a top-style dice You are supposed to spin it instead of roll it.

  • Dice is made of metal. The colors are fantastic and have good inking Saturation and contrast.

  • They are easy to read and sturdy, as well as weighted heavy. Not any balancing issues with them. Roll and rotate pretty evenly, make sure to be as random as possible.


  • Size:
    ✅ D4/23g/60mm
    ✅ D6/12g/35mm
    ✅ D8/68g/35mm
    ✅ D10/42g/30mm
    ✅ D12/37g/20mm
    ✅ D20/115g/50mm
    ✅ D100/32g/40mm.
  • Material: Alloy


  • 1 Set [7pcs] * Zell Mars Metal Dnd Dice Set


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