Yellow Sticky Traps Sticky Fruit Fly Trap (10pcs)


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  • Fast and Effective Sticky Traps : Bright sticky traps can catch fruit flies, mosquitoes, pests and flying insects. Once the prey is captured by high-quality glue, it cannot escape.

  • Upgraded Design of Fruit Fly Trap : After a brand-new upgrade design, the sticky trap can be more easily and completely peeled off the sticker when in use, and there will be no glue left on the hand; the tip of the sticky trap has increased hardness, making it easier to insert and fix the trap.
  • Widely Used Gnat Trap : Sticky traps have a wide range of uses, suitable for indoor small potted plants, and outdoor gardens, vegetable plots, and farm plants.

  • Safe and Non-toxic Sticky Traps : Sticky traps rely on bright colors and high-quality glue to trap pests, without odors and harmful drugs, and no harm to people and pets. (Reminder: Be careful not to let naughty pets stick to traps, cleaning the glue on pet hair is a hassle)
  • Durable Sticky Traps : Sticky traps with high-quality glue on both sides, with waterproof and UV protection, can be used until both sides are completely covered with bugs.



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