Wooden Melody Tool


Size: Small (4.72in/12cm)

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Best Gift For Musicians!!! 🎶Create Your Melody In Seconds


  • Wooden Melody Tool

Designed specifically for musicians, this wooden melody tool provides an all-in-one solution for learning, practicing, and perfecting your music skills, making it an essential companion for any music teacher or student.

  • Instant Chord Analysis

Easily identify chords within a key and analyze progressions on the fly. Instantly recognize the chord sequence and their relationship.

Unlock the power of chord theory in your music journey. This tool provides hands-on practice to apply chord theory effectively.

  • Adjustable Key Selector

Customize your learning experience with an adjustable tool that rotates to your desired key. Explore various keys effortlessly.

A practical tool for finding naturally complementary chords and notes in a key. Easily create chord progressions.

  • Music Reading Not Required

Dive into chord theory without the need for complex music reading. This user-friendly spinning wheel simplifies chord applications.

Designed with precision and craftsmanship, this musical instrument not only enhances your sound but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your performances, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Quick Start Guide

Get started in no time with helpful diagrams and clear text. Experience a seamless learning curve and accelerate your chord theory proficiency.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, this tool will assist you in understanding and applying music theory concepts, enhancing your overall musicality. Innovative and practical tools for beginners, intermediate and professional musicians.


  • Material: Thick Wood
  • Size:

🎶Small: 4.72in / 12cm

🎶Large: 5.9in / 15cm


  • 1 * Wooden Melody Tool


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