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Option: Blue (6 Pens)

Blue (6 Pens)
Green (6 Pens)
Gray (6 Pens)
Purple (6 Pens)
Red (6 Pens)
Yellow (6 Pens)
Gold (6 Pens)
Coffee (6 Pens)
White (6 Pens)
Orange (6 Pens)
Pink (6 Pens)
Black (6 Pens)
Combo 12 Colors (12 Pens)
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Add Your Own Unique Touch To Your Tires And Stand Out From The Crowd!


  • One of the best products for all car enthusiasts who are looking for an easy way to cover up any color damage. Or make their car look fancy, for that matter! Waterproof Tire Paint Pen can do it all!!!

  • Fixing any scratches can be pricey but there is an easier way to do it in your garage, completely by yourself. This Paint pen is water-resistant, odor-free, non-toxic, and durable. You can choose from 12 different colors and you'll find your color easily.

  • This product is so easy to use, remove the plug, shake the pan, and press it against the scratch, until the color comes out. Now you can cover the scratches, or draw something to have unique car tires as no one else does!

  • Not sure about what you will draw on your tires? No worries, you can get all the 12 pens to come up with your ultimate unique tire design and also save big time!


Clean the tires with soapy water and scrub the tire on the area you plan to paint.

Shake the pen WITH THE CAP ON for 30 seconds.

Prime the pen by pushing it down multiple times until the paint starts to flow.

Start writing first outline the letter and then work your way in.

After completing all the letters and allowing the paint to be dry to touch, add another layer. We recommend 2-3 coats for an even finish.


  • Size: 5.6 x 0.6in / 14.3 x 1.5cm


  • 1 Set [6pcs] * Waterproof Tire Paint Pen


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