Universal Pet Knots Remover


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Groom & Massage Your Pet Easily!!!

This brush is the brand new way to detangle your pet's coat in a scratch-free and pain-free way! 

Universal Pet Knots Remover 🔥SALE 50% OFF🔥

The brush removes up to 95% of the dead hair of your pets and untangles them in just 3 minutes! Get rid of tangles, knots, shedding, and mats in the most gentle way possible! 

Universal Pet Knots Remover 🔥SALE 50% OFF🔥


  • 4 in 1 Universal Pet Knots Remover

Our pet hair removal brush has multi-functions of knot opening, hair removal, massage, cleaning, comprehensive cleaning, one brush in place, allowing your pet to enjoy salon-level grooming experience.

  • Needle Comb Design

This pet epilator adopts a multi-tooth double-row needle comb design, which replaces shaving and shaving with hair removal, rejects strong hair removal, and protects the pet's skin.

Universal Pet Knots Remover 🔥SALE 50% OFF🔥

  • High Quality Material

Our pet hair removal brush is made of ABS and TPR high quality material, which is durable and can be washed all over the body.

Universal Pet Knots Remover 🔥SALE 50% OFF🔥

  • Easy to Use

Can be installed in the middle to clean and remove hair, and pet fur can be cleaned during hair removal.

Silicone massage layer, combing is a pleasure, and hair removal teeth on the back can clean carpets and sticky hairs on sofa clothes.

  • Wide Applicability

Universal Pet Knots Remover is suitable for cats, dogs and most pets, with soft and fluffy fur. dog groomers and pet lovers highly recommend pets with thick undercoats!


  • Material: ABS


  • 1 * Universal Pet Knots Remover



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