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Perfect for home upgrade!

Solar lights are so eye-catching to folks passing your sweet home. You can enjoy rearranging them in the yard. Gives the neighbors & cars going by something to talk about.


  • Makes Your Home Look Like A Getaway Retreat: Many homeowners think they need more lights to fix their dull and boring yard. Look, any fixture can shine a bright light onto your home. The solar lights give your home a warm ambient glow

  • Perfect Holiday Light: Looking for a little Christmas cheer? Halloween spook? Or 4th of July energy? The 8 colors do more than just please the eye, they actually celebrate with you!

  • Put Them Anywhere: Just pick a place with soft ground and lots of natural sunlight. You can line each side of your driveway or walkway, glamorize your patio, or light up your garden. They also give large trees and flower bushes a mystical aura. You can really have fun with this. Just use your imagination.

  • No Messy Wires: Solar lights are 100% solar powered. It’s solar panels absorb the natural sunlight and preserve them for later. No need to hire an electrician who’ll charge you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to wire them in. There will be no ugly wires running up your wall and causing an eye-sore. Just a beautiful rainbow of light that beautifies your yard.

  • Saves You Money: You can breathe easier knowing your home is being splashed with wonderful colors and your bank account won’t get drained.

  • Turns ON/OFF By Itself: Solar lights turn on by itself. The built-in sensors know when it’s dark and it activates automatically. No need to fumble with a light switch or go outside to turn them on. Just look out your window and enjoy the light show.


  •  Just need 20-second installation. Pick a spot on your yard that needs extra TLC and stake them into the ground.


  • Color: Red, green, blue, white, color-changing rainbow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Light Bulb Type: LED
  • Power Source: Solar-powered
  • Battery: 1200mAh (+/-5%) Lithium Ion, included for each


  • 6*Solar Lights

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