Set 2 PCS Pet Calming Pillow


Color: Pink

Option: Set 2 PCS

Set 2 PCS
Set 4 PCS
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A 1-Way Ticket To Sleep City


  • The perfect height & softness

Ensures full neck and shoulder support for ultimate relaxation. The height helps to align the spine, promoting optimal posture during sleep.

This is suitable for all dogs and cats

  • Makes your pet feel safe & secure

With a unique U-shape, the pillow's soft embrace provides a sense of security, ensuring they feel incredibly calm and at ease

  • Perfect for small & large pets

No matter the size, no matter the age. This pillow is perfect for all dogs

  • Machine washable & dryer safe

Super easy to take care of. Wash on a cold, gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low heat.


  • Material: Plush


  • 1 Set * Pet Calming Pillow (2pcs or 4pcs)


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