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Do not harm the horse's skin and hair, easily clean its body, keep it clean and comfortable!


  • Remove Shedding Hair - Blade-Free!

A professional beauty hair removal brush, without a blade, can quickly brush off the loose hair that falls off naturally.

  • Lather Shampoo & Lift Dirt

The large diamond pad will turn the soap into suds and trap the dirt that is lifted from the skin and coat.

  • Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Multi-purpose and designed to make quick and efficient work of grooming... While providing serious therapeutic benefits.

  • Groom the Face - Safel

The custom formulated rubber, rounded corners, wedged ends and small exfoliating diamonds make The Gentle Groomer both effective and safe for use everywhere on the face.


  • Material: Rubber natural
  • Length: 9in/22cm


  • 1 * 6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush


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