Luminous Cat Vest Harness And Leash Set


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A Gift For Your Beloved Cats 🐠

Taking your cat outdoors gives them the freedom to experience a whole new world outside your home! 

New smells, textures, and sounds to tick your curious cat is always something experts would recommend.


Cat Vest Harness and Leash Set to Outdoor Walking is designed for comfortable and enjoyable cat walking experience.

The breathable mesh keeps your pet cool while minimizing the chance of hurting in case of pulling.

  • Comfortable Padded Mesh Vest

No stress on pet’s neck, no choking, perfectly designed for easy walking, jogging, running, hiking, or even training.

  • Great for Walking, Running, and Hiking

Breathable for all outdoor activities, hugs the pet with a flexible mesh that does not restrict your pet’s natural movements.

  • Adjustable Belt

Designed to fit most dogs’ and cats’ body shapes.

38 mm nylon clasp to adjust and the seatbelt buckle to fix, to ensure pet not easy to escape, easy to wear and convenient to adjust.

The metal D buckle and traction buckle through exquisite craft are bright, not easy to rust, and durable.

How to Introduce the Harness to Your Cat

1. To allow your cat to get familiar with the harness, place them near your cat’s food dish or near the sleeping area for a few days.

2. When putting on the harness, treat your cat with food or a toy, so that your cat can form a positive association with the harness.

You may also save these rewards and only offer them when you’re harnessing your cat.

Remember to keep praising your cat during the whole process.

3. If your cat shows any behavior that indicates the wearing experience is uncomfortable, reassure your cat and try to distract him/her with food or toys.

Take the harness off if your cat keeps feeling unpleasant – you can always try again later.

Never force your cat to wear the harness, because your cat may form a really bad association with the harness or even get injured.


  • Material: Polyester Canvas + Mesh fabric


  • 1 * Cat Harness and Leash Set


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