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TYPE: Battery model

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They say that OUR FEET are OUR BODY’S STRUCTURAL FOUNDATION, and any problem with it will EVENTUALLY AFFECT the ENTIRE BODY.

That is why we are excited to introduce the EMS FootMassager Pad.

EMS Foot Massager – Visit Basket

EMS FootMassager Pad is a foot massager that is made of natural resin material. It works as a foot massager and muscle simulator in one.


Foot Massage Simulator – Hazel Trend

Relieves Pain Through Electrical Impulses - It stimulates the muscles to contract that draws newly improved circulation of blood to encourage the body's natural healing of the lower legs and feet. 

Best Electric EMS Foot Massage Pad

Safely Treat Minor To Moderate Aches - Save the pill for later and destress after a tiring day of running, working out at the gym, or after an outdoor job to relieve aching and tired feet.

Reflexology-Based - Has 6 massage modes wherein electrical impulses are sent to the different parts of the feet believed to be connected to different body systems. 

Ems Pintar Kaki Elektrik Kaki Pengurut Vibrator Otot Stimulator Mesin Pad-  | Lazada

Portable - The pad is lightweight and foldable in half so storage is not a problem, enabling you to use it anywhere you like. 

Foot Massage Simulator – Lavender Koala | Foot massage, Muscle stimulator,  Massage

Detachable Control - The controller is removable so you can easily change the batteries and clean the pad.

12 adet/takım 10 sınıf 6 mod Unisex EMS kalça eğitmen ve popo Toner,EMS kas  stimülatörü karın yağ yakma eğitim dişli|Vücut şekillendirme masaj  ekipmanları| - AliExpress


  • Size: 12.2 x 12.2 inch
  • Weight: 200g


  • Option 1: 1 x EMS FootMassager Pad Battery model (battery not included).

TENS EMS Foot Massager ABS Physiotherapy Revitalizing Muscle Stimulator  Relax | eBay

  • Option 2: 1 x EMS FootMassager Pad Rechargeable model.

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