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Color: Black

Size: Large - 15.7 x 3 x 12.5in

Large - 15.7 x 3 x 12.5in
Small - 9.8 x 3 x 9.8in
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Play With Yours Friends!!!

Place wooden cup in the center circle, Take rings and go! Each time you land the hook, move the wooden cup 1 space towards your opponent. 


  • Modern and Simple Design 

Freshly sanded to display the natural design of the wood. Looks great in bars, breweries, backyards or your home.

  • Handcrafted

Carefully crafted and completely unique. The knots, grooves and indents of the wood are what gives our product the craggy look.

  • Addicting Fun

Takes the traditional ring toss and puts you toe-to-toe with another player to be the first to land the ring.

  • Bring the Party

Take HOOKS! with you to your tailgates, the beach, family vacations, camping, or even the neighbors garage party!


  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White, Black
  • Size: 15.7 x 3 x 12.5in / 40 x 8 x 32cm


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