2023 New Golf Battle Royale


Size: Small 39.4x23.6in | 100x60cm

Small 39.4x23.6in | 100x60cm
Large 59.1x31.5in | 150x80cm
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Whether at home or outdoors, you can play golf!

Perfect for Party & Family Games: Go for the Win! Enjoy your competitive fun!

Kids Even Put Down The Screens For It

Every golfer knows, once you catch the bug, you’re hooked for life.

The Casual Golf Game is a great way to introduce kids to the game, hone their skills, and nourish their passion for the game


  • Go for the Win

Enjoy your competitive fun, each player takes turn aiming for their chips and strike to the scoring area to get the most points and wins.

The mat is colored with a central goal & obstacles. Shoot for the center for the most points. Just beware of the sand traps and water. Those are negative points. 

  • Premium Quality

Made of durable fabrics and sticky, the chip golf mat, with fine-lined woven construction and washable material, presents a realistic putting green for the player. 

The mat can be used in the backyard or inside the house. The balls are solid enough to shoot but soft enough to not cause damage to the walls.

  • Sticky Practice Balls

The Chipping Mat & Sticky Balls set features a high-quality golf mat and 16 sticky balls that are perfect for kids and adults of all skill levels.

The sticky balls are solid enough to shoot but soft enough not to cause any damage to walls or indoor fixtures.

  • Ground stakes included
The 6 ground stakes are a valuable accessory that enhances the overall experience of the Chipping Mat & Sticky Balls set.

They offer added stability and challenge to the game, making it a great addition to any family or party game collection. 

  • Easy Storage

The golf chipping game mat looks like a real putting green when rolled out.

When not in use, the golf chipping mat can be folded or rolled up very easily for storage and portability.

Perfect for carrying to parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor places to play.



  • Size:  
    ✅ 39.4x23.6in | 100x60cm
    ✅ 59.1x31.5in | 150x80cm


  • 1 * Battle Royale Sticky Playing Surface(100*60cm)
  • 16 * Soft Sticky Golf Balls Designed to Mimic Real Golf Ball Flight (4 Colors for 4 Players)
  • 1 * Short Grass Turf For Hitting Balls Off (Simulates Shots Around The Green)
  • 1 * Set & Ball Carry Cases
  • 4 * Ground Stakes


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