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The biggest problem with learning guitar is the pain you have to endure on your fingers! This is just a temporary thing, but most beginner players quit playing guitar due to this problem. 

This guitar finger guard or guitar finger protector will be of great help for beginner guitar players!


Guitar finger protectors (Finger caps)- ravity-co


The products are flexible with the design of elastic silicone, and with a good air permeability of porous design.

Guitar finger protectors (Finger caps)- ravity-co

The fingers will not feel uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. It has elegant colors and feels good to touch

Guitar finger protectors (Finger caps)- ravity-co

There are non-slip particles inside the fingerstall to strengthen the limited-slip effect.
The porous design with good air permeability, there is opening at the fingertip, which is more convenient for girls with long fingernails.

Guitar finger protectors (Finger caps)- ravity-co

It is very easy to protect fingers from injuries from string pressing by using this little tool.


  • Model Number: Thumb Picks
  • Material: Silicone with high elasticity
  • Performance: Anti-slip, finger pain resistance
  • Application: Guitar, Ukulele, Electric guitar, and other guitars


  • 1* 12pcs Guitar finger protector

***It has 3 size in one set(12pcs), each size has 4pcs

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